Training program Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

The Leerorkest has been active in the Netherlands since 2005 and in the Caribbean part of the Netherlands since 2017. With the Leerorkest, almost 5,000 children are reached annually in places where extra attention is much needed. The students learn to play a musical instrument and make music together in an orchestra. After school, there is room for further exploration in the after-school ‘Wijktalentorkest’ or in the choir. With the education program, the Leerorkest strengthens the curriculum on the Caribbean islands by teaching local musicians to play new instruments.

There is a great need on the islands to learn more classical instruments as well. The opportunity to play a musical instrument such as violin, oboe, or clarinet is very limited on the islands. With this project, the Leerorkest wants to have musicians on the islands coached by Dutch musicians in playing a new instrument. The teachers on the islands then pass on their knowledge to the students there. Through a mix of classical pieces and local music, the children learn to play the instruments. The necessary instruments are also provided to the islands.